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Warp Applications

As your town expands in size and/or population, you may wish to apply for a warp to help your citizens reach home faster or even attract visitors to it. To apply for a warp, simply create a new topic with its title beginning with “[Warp Application]” with the following format:

Town/Landmark Name:
Describe your town/landmark in a sentence:

Proposed Warp Name:
Proposed Warp Location: In X, Y, and Z coordinates
Reason(s) why your town/landmark should be granted a warp:

Your application will be processed and reviewed by the staff. An outcome will be issued as a reply to your application topic within 48 hours. Applications that do not adhere to the given format may be removed.

For any clarifications regarding which entities qualify for a warp, refer to our in-game guidelines or speak to our staff.

All the best with your applications!

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