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Warp Application on The People's Market

To whom it may concern,

Proposing a Warp Application

Town/Landmark Name: The People’s Market
Describe your town/landmark in a sentence: The Grand Exchange of MCNet

Proposed Warp Name: MarketPlace
Proposed Warp Location: X: -1724 / Y: 69 / Z: 1423 / Facing West

Reason(s) why your town/landmark should be granted a warp:

  1. We built the marketplace with the aim and to serve as an alternative trading hub for players to sell and buy resources from each other, which further promotes a player based economy in the server rather than fully relying on the NPC shops at spawn.
  2. We also aim to have the players to showcase their creativeness in the market in a form of shop builds when they join the marketplace.

With more than 10 players already with the market and expanding, we hope that we are granted a warp to make access to the market much easier for everyone in the server. Especially for those with not enough sethomes.

Many Thanks!
SubeteYoi, BenJM10 & MisoSupBro

Approved! You’ll see a warp up within the next 30 minutes.