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Warp Application on DFSCity

To whom it may concern,

Proposing a Warp Application

Town/Landmark Name: DFS
Describe your town/landmark in a sentence: Powered by Dasher , FRIEDRICE and Sky_Dreams.

Proposed Warp Name: DFSCity
Proposed Warp Location: X:-503 / Y: 70 / Z: 1787 / Facing West

Reason(s) why your town/landmark should be granted a warp:
1)We hope to create a city where players can come to see builds that are designed in Modern-Like and can maybe try to add them into their builds
2)We also like to have players coming to our DFSMall, so that they can get resources if the server shop doesn’t have!

Thank you!
Dasher , FR1EDR1CE and Sky_Dreams

Approved! You’ll see a warp up within the next 30 minutes.