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Warp Application for Springfield

To whomever it may concern,

Proposal for a Warp Point

Town/Landmark Name: Springfield City

Describe your town/landmark in a sentence: A vibrant place to hang out.

Proposed Warp Name: Springfield

Proposed Warp Location: X: 3544.6 / Y: 66.5 / Z: -5300.4 / Facing East (Positive X)

Reason(s) why your town/landmark should be granted a warp:

Springfield (City, Park and Mall) is a vibrant place for fellow players of MCNet to come, hangout, play around, get access to any resources they may need at the mall, partake in and showcase their building skills and help expand the city. Furthermore, with a casino planned, we hope to engage & excite players even more.

Thanks & Regards,
TechTailor & ultra_shredder

Approved! You’ll see a warp up within the next 30 minutes.