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Suggestions to Further Develop Skyblock

Hey guys! I’m FR1EDR1CE, One of the Server Helpers!
I’m starting this thread to have players share their ideas on further development on Skyblock in MCNet!

I need people to state their ideas, and why would it be a good idea for it to be added to Skyblock!
For e.g. Suggestion on lowering the price of Spawners in Spawner Shop, as i think the price of Spawners in Spawner shop is too high!
Please write it in this format:

(Your Idea) , (Reason of it to be added)

Do list down your ideas, under and we will take it into consideration!

I need more players, to discuss on this , share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
Please do share this discussion and invite anyone that is playing on MCNet to this Thread as it would be greatly appreciated on helping us improve Skyblock.

Thank you!