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Server Rules for Minecraft


The MCNet Minecraft server is an online environment where anyone can connect to and spend their time on. To keep it safe and enjoyable for all, a set of rules are in place to help govern the way players behave to reinforce good behaviour and deter undesirable acts.

The rules stated herein are the staff’s interpretation of them and shall any disputes occur, the involved staff will have the final say to whether a rule has been infringed. The staff may also impose penalties on players if they have proved to have attempted to infringe a rule.

As the scope of each infringement varies, penalties imposed will vary and would be nearly impossible to set a fixed penalty for each act of infringement.

You may join our Discord server if you require urgent assistance.

1. Griefing, raiding, and related acts

Acts or attempts of vandalism to another player’s property are not allowed, even if the area has not been claimed with a claiming system. This includes players trespassing into another player’s house to steal items from their chests,

2. Spamming and advertising

Spamming and advertising in the server regardless of the medium used to execute the action is not allowed. In addition, players should refrain from advertising websites that may pose a threat to the server community.

3. Harassment

Harassing, invading another player’s personal space, and other related acts will not be tolerated. Remember, you’re interacting with actual people.

4. Explicit content

Any content rated 18+ or determined to be unacceptable (e.g. anti-Semitic content) will not be tolerated.

5. Exploiting a bug

Exploiting a bug knowingly may cause adverse effects on the server and other players. Report all bugs immediately to MCNet Support.

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