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pheX's complete MCNet guide

pheX’s complete MCNet guide

Table of content:*

  • Introduction
    • Short self-introduction
    • Introduction of the server
  • Getting Started
    • – Leaving Spawn
    • – Making Your First Base
    • – Claiming A Plot Of Land
    • – Permissions Of Chests
  • Economy
    • – Current Economy Status
    • – How To Make Money
  • Ranks
  • Voting
  • Helpful People You Can Look For

1. Introduction

1.1 Nani? What’s this?

Welcome old and new players, I am BigpheX but you can call me Mr Big Brain. Since I have pretty much nothing to do at the moment, here is a guide to help new players and to educate old players about MCNet. Although this is named the “Complete Guide”, there will be new stuff added or stuff that I miss out so please edit whatever you deem fit @ForumStaff.

1.2 What is MCNet?

MCNet is a Minecraft Survival/Creative Vanilla server that has several plugins including Custom Ranks, Economy and much more. The Owner of the server is currently Zodurus. Keep Inventory is on in the overworld but switches off when you are in the Nether or in The End. (GRIEFING IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE SERVER)

2. Getting Started

2.1 Leaving Spawn

When you first join the server, you start out in Spawn Island which is connected to the hub. You will have to navigate through the annoying prickly bushes and follow the path till the end where you will encounter 2 portals. If you are here for Survival, you need to enter through the portal made from stone bricks. If you are here for Creative, you need to enter through the portal made from Quartz block. Fret not adventurer, you can come back to hub using the /hub command. (This entire guide will be revolving around the player playing Survival.)

2.2 Making Your First Base

After leaving spawn, you will be teleported to a random location in the overworld. You will also be given Water Breathing and Resistance for 20 seconds to prevent you from taking any form of damage. Don’t panic if you spawn in the middle of an ocean with nothing near you; You can use the /wild command or go back to the hub (If the /wild command is in cooldown) and re-enter through the portal again to get a new random location.

2.3 Claiming A Plot Of Land

Although griefing is not allowed, there will always be some monkeys out there that will come onto the server just to troll. Claiming your land will prevent players from breaking/stealing your stuff. You will be able to claim more blocks as you play longer on the server. Alternatively, you can purchase claim blocks for 50 in-game cash per block. In order to claim a land, you will have to use a golden shovel and right click the ground of the 2-opposite corner of your land (E.g. North and South / East and West). You can give permission to your friend to edit your land by doing /trust (Your friend’s username).

2.4 Permission Of Chests

All chests that you placed down are private by default meaning other players cannot open or break it even if you didn’t claim the land. If you want to allow your friend to open the chest in your CLAIMED LAND , you can do /unlock and left click the chest. Players who do not have permission to your land will not be able to open it regardless whether the chest is locked/unlocked.

3. Economy

3.1 Current Economy Status

Economy was previously messed up, so it is being balanced currently. The current tax rate is 9% and the Economy will be reviewed every Friday where it will be determined whether a certain type of ore should be nerfed or buffed (More on that later). I urge everyone to avoid whining about it as it will accomplish nothing except getting the other players annoyed or getting yourself a mute.

3.2 How To Make Money

Alright maggots, we all know you’re reading this guide for its juicy content so let Daddy Big Brain Big Donger teach you how its done. There are 2 ways of making money currently which are SELLING STUFF TO PLAYERS, TRADING (Indirect ore selling), NPC. Please remember to be a human and not a dick. Quote a reasonable price, DO NOT overprice or lowball an item just to make or save some extra bucks. Having fun is still the most important thing in the server.

Selling Stuff To Players –

When getting a valuable such as a Trident or a Elytra which are popular in the server, you can advertise your item in the chat (Do it in moderation) and selling it to players. Alternatively, you can use /Auction to buy and sell stuff but do take note that the system will collect 9% of the earning as tax. You are limited to auction 3 item at once.

Trading –

We have a villager market where the villagers offer Emeralds for Items and vice versa. The most common and easiest thing to do is to make a huge sugarcane farm and exchange the paper for emeralds from the villagers and then selling the Emeralds to Bob (More on that later). The villager market can be accessed by doing /warp FleaMarket.

Other commonly traded goods are:

  • Books
  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Iron Ingots
  • Gold Ingots
  • Glass Bottles
  • Nether Wart


There is an NPC in hub that is named Bob which will buy all your ores/ingots from you in stacks of 6. Turn right after you spawn into hub and you will find his shack with a floating diamond in-front of his door. Prices of ores/ingots are subjected to change without notice after the weekly economy review.

4. Ranks

As of writing this thread, there is currently 6 ranks which are Rookie, Scavenger, Explorer, Adventurer, Voyager and Supporter . You can purchase ranks and view their perks using /rankshop. The only rank that costs in real life cash for now is Supporter . Points are earned from voting

5. Voting

Voting gives you cash, 1 point and 1 voters’ crate keys per vote which can be used to open a voters’ crate in /hub. Links can be accessed in-game using /vote or you can find them here alternatively.

First link -

Second link -

6. Helpful People You Can Look For

Disclaimer! Although they are helpful people, do not beg them for free stuff or annoy them because that is just plain rude.

  • Zodurus
  • All staff
  • JesusFries
  • Dasher

Impressive and well-composed guide. Keep it up!