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How Chest Shop Work

The server has plugins for chest shops.
If buying and selling items by auction house or teleporting to other players to manually trade is a hassle, you can try to set a chest shop where players can come buy or sell items even when offline.

To create a chest shop, simply place down a chest, and place a sign onto the chest by shift-right clicking on it, and write down the sign in this format:

Player’s Name
Sell/Buy Quantity
Sell/Buy Price (‘B’ for others to buy, ‘S’ for others to sell)
The item’s ID

Here’s 2 examples:
This means you can buy 8 iron ingots for the price $16 from player SubeteYoi

This means you can sell 4 coals for the price of $2 to player SubeteYoi

Each chest shop you set up will take $150 as a fee, but you will be refunded the same amount when you break that chest shop.

For a video tutorial, do refer here:

For the item’s ID, refer here: